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Eat for the way you want to feel steps...start


1. Eat half of what you normally eat

2. No large heavy meals/ that's over and the number one cause of issues

3. Less coffee, more tea and water

4. Add fiber like Psyllium from Trader Joe's to your diet. I suggest before dinner time, mixed with low sugar fruit or juice, or Almond Milk, protein and water.

5. More fresh veggies/ fruit in moderation, especially broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels which build muscles, sweet potatoes. Spinach and other greens are fabulous. 

6. Cut your meat intake back/ more fish but regardless don't over do the protein

7. Plan for meals out, social eating and cut back prior to those unavoidable traps.


As always contact your doctor before starting any new diet plan.

I lost 17Lbs in 29 days!

I lost 17lbs in 29 days, 31lbs in 8 weeks, 39lbs 12 weeks, 49 lbs in just under 16 weeks, and a total of 60 lbs in 20 weeks. My waste size has dropped from 42 to 32! That's 8 inches or almost 2 inches per month!

® Fitness Program
Created 3-1-99

I created the FatFreeTV.com® fitness program for my own use. It has worked so well that I thought I'd share it and maybe make a little money too! I lost 17 pounds in the first 29 days! I focused less on weight loss and more on following the program and how my clothes fit. So far I have lost 4 inches or 4 pants sizes. Within the first 2 weeks I was getting comments on how my face looked thinner. What I like about the program is that it is a practical healthy approach that I believe can work long term. Once I achieve my weight loss goal I will replace the one smoothie or SlimFast® meal with a smart regular low fat meal.

Ok...I just finished my second month on the FatFreeTV.com® program. I lost 14 lbs in month 2, for a 2 month total weightloss of 31lbs! What's even more amazing is that I did'nt stick to the plan near as close in month 2 as I did in month 1, as I traveled for 3 weeks.

Another month has passed, my third month on the FatFreeTV.com
® plan. Remember all those people who told you that "your weight loss will slow down after the first month", well they were mostly wrong. I lost 17 lbs in month one and 14 in month 2. However, my weight loss did really slow in month 3 to a loss of 8 lbs. Still a good loss but not the double didget rate I was at. So my three month weight loss rate averages just over 3 pounds per week-not bad! My total weigtloss is now 39 lbs!!! I have now lost 6 inches going from a 40 waste size to a 34! If you do the FatFreeTV.com® program expect to buy new pants belts, and dresses!

One thing I ate too much of in month 3 was cheese! I pigged out on pizza and some heavy Italian food about 3 or 4 times, and then headed right to the gym each time, for the second time that day. It may have helped but not enough! I also doubled my breakfast in-take, still healthy low-fat food but more of it to add calories for the exercise. Also in the week leading to my weigh-in, I worked out twice per day (since I knew I had eaten like a pig earlier in the month).

It's time for another update. I weighed myself on June 25th, so I didn't even have a whole month on the FATFREETV.com
® program. In month four (25 days) I lost 10 more pounds. I also lost another inch, as my waste is now 33-my 34's are getting lose. This means I've lost around 7 inches in my waste! My old suit pants and slacks literally fall down without a belt. Buying new pants and belts has become a big part of my life-this is much better than having my stomach being a big part of my life! I over did it with exercise this month however, and pulled a back muscle while running. So again...take it slow!

Here we go with my month 5 update. Yes..I have continued to achieve my monthly goal-actually I over achieved this month. My goal was to slow my weight loss by doing the FatFreeTV.com program every other day to lose around 5 pounds for the month. Today was the weigh-in and I lost 8.5 pounds. My total weightloss is now...60lbs in 5 months, and average of 3 lbs per week and 12 lbs per month.

This month I exercised alot in the first 2 weeks then rested my injured sore body 2 to 3 times per week-and I still lost weight. I also pigged out for a mid month celebration, and tonight following my morning weigh-in ate 3 pieces of pizza for dinner w/ bow-tie pasta and eggplant. But of course I had a smoothie for lunch having as always...planned my pig out with a good lunch. Of course I had a 1 scoop hot fudge sundae w/ a little whip cream and nuts.

My pants size is now 32 and I have the Levi's label on them to prove it. In fact I was thinking about highlighting the size w/ a marker. So my total waste size loss is 8 inches going from a 40 to 32! My goal now is to work hard for one more month before moving into a maintenance mode.

I just finished month 6 on the FatFreeTV.com plan. Lets call this a maintenance month shall we. I'm not sure if I really had a clear goal this month but I gained weight...a half a pound! Actually it was a great month since I went to the doctor and he told me to cool it. (I also had gained a few pounds-I knew cause he made me get on a scale...my fear... before I cracked down and followed the plan again. I immediate took off the few pounds in around a week. The doc said I need to maintain and if I lost another few pounds or so to do it very slowly. So I guess I listened to him whether it was intentional or not!

So how did month 7 go on the FatFreeTV.com plan? Call it another maintenance month for me. I have weighed the same now for 2 months. I had to eat more due to feeling weak at times from all the exercise I was doing so I had to increase my caloric intake. The good news is maintenance, despite my desire to lose 5 more pounds. We'll see how month 8 goes!

Month 8 is in the bag. My real goal was 5 lbs...but i lost only 2. But that is good since I've now had 3 months of maintenance and or slight loss-1 or 2 lbs. My total weightloss is now 62 lbs!I had some really big meals this month as I traveled. and I continued my heavy exercise with running and weight training. So I was forced to eat more to avoid feeling weak. The key to my slight loss was balancing the big meals with good follow-up days. If I pigged out, the next day I ate light, trying to follow the fatfreeTV.com plan very closely. I also was aware of the rest days (no exercise days) and took advantage of them, eating less on those rest days. My theory is that you need less on rest days, more on big exercise days. I also need to eat good the day before a big exercise day, not just on that day. If for example, I know I'm running 10 miles the next day, I'll eat more complex carbs (pasta, breads, etc.) the day prior and the exercise day. Then I can slowly reduce my calories again. The point is to listen to your body and increase low fat calories when feeling weak.

Month 9 is now complete. I really worked hard for 3 weeks of the month. The results I got were...good...but slow! I lost another 2 lbs (not the 5 I wanted). More proof the body really slows metabolism when we get close to our ideal weight. My body fat at the start of the month was measured with calipers at 14 percent. The problem seems to be that for men over 40 (thats me) once we get to 15 percent or less our body protects that small remaining percentage of fat, not to mention slowed down metabolism due to our bodies adjusting to eating less over the last several months. My total weight loss is now at 64lbs.

At this point I'm trying to lose another 2 lbs per month. I have increased my calories and carbohydrates as I'm now running about 25 miles per week, plus cross training in the gym 2 or 3 times per week. So in a sense this is experimental for me. I'm eating more and exercising more. I have increased my breads (Carbs like bread, pasta, rice, oatmeal, etc) to 6-8 servings of 100 calories each per day. This is to feed the exercise machine!

OK...Month 10 is in the bag. This was a big month for me cause I ran my first marathon and lived! If you told me a year ago I'd be doing that i'd have passed out. I lost another 2 lbs and now have lost a total of 66 lbs. I'm focusing on eating more small meals each day 5-6 per day, and have dropped the smoothies. I'm still running 25-35 miles per week. My goal is to get to a total weightloss of 70 lbs...but these last few lbs have been tough. It seems I'm losing an average of a pound a month since month 6. Not bad, but my cravings are also up a little so i really need to plan for big meals.

Since month 10 I have lost a little more weight, putting my total weightloss at 70 lbs, my goal. The good news is that I have a new range. My weight had been bouncing between 152-156 for several months. But my weight has been now been bouncing between 148(my all-time low) and 152. I have been in this range for 2 plus months now, so I feel good about it. This is technically month 13 for the FatFreeTV.com program. Remember, I lost the original 60lbs in the first 5 months.

One thing I really have learned in the past 3 months is how much my weight changes day to day, which is why I hate weighing myself more than once a month! I experimented over an entire week of the program. On a Monday night I weighed 156, the next morning I weight I weighed 151, and by Friday of that week I weighed 149. There is no way I really lost 7 lbs. The reality is that I weighed myself at night on Monday which added at least 4-5 lbs of food, water,etc. My real weight was likely 152, so I really lost 3 lbs that week. But the key is don't play mind games like that or you'll go nuts! Always weigh in the morning at the same time, before breakfast and liquids! And if possible...after you have used the potty!

June 2000 Update-I have now been in the maintenance mode for several months and have maintained my weightloss. In fact, my waist has gotton a little smaller even though my weight is about the same. I think I must be adding muscle mass, as I'm now running, swimming, lifting weights and biking. I just ran my 3rd marathon, and am currently training for a triathlon. I can eat almost anything I want as long as I keep up the exercise. On average I run 25 miles per week, bike about 30 miles per week, swim about a 1.5 miles per week, and lift weights twice per week. But believe me when I say I'd be gaining weight if not for all the exercise. I know because I am not losing weight...but I eat what ever I want!

Here are a few other tips I forgot to mention about the FatfreeTV.com
® program.

1. Prior to starting the FatFreeTV.com program, eat like a pig. By that I mean pick a beginning of the month to start the program, and get all the pig like eating out of your system for the few weeks leading up to your start date. By the time I started the program, I had eaten like such a pig I was sick of eating like that. So knock yourself out with steaks, dessert, potato skins, onion rings etc., until you start the FatFreeTV.com plan.
2. DO Not skip eating breakfast. Eat 1/2 cantaloupe, or 1/2 grapefruit, w/ non-fat yogurt, and half a bagel, etc.
3. I said above no caffine- actually I mean no regular coffee. I drink tons of iced-tea, Diet Coke, decaf coffe, etc.
4. Have a fruit snack at 11am and 4pm approx. Keep a fruit bowl in your office, home, etc.
5. Avoid sauces and soups with a cream base.
6. Try to get to bed by 9 or 10pm. Brush your teeth (if you normally do)and this will get the taste of food out of your mouth (unless you ate garlic and use garlic toothpaste).
7. You must blow the diet once a week or so. Just get back on the plan the next day. This will help your metobolism speed back up I think-my theory not science! But it worked for me in month four.

Warning- I am not a doctor or trained dietician. I have common sense, and have used many things I learned from a combination of diets I have tried over the years. Consult your doctor before beginning the FatFreeTV.com program. Show him or her the FatFreeTV.com program and get a complete physical.

Total cost of FatFreeTV.com (not including your purchase of food and drink) will be only $10 lousy bucks, but for now it is free! Plus I will post free updates with more details of what has worked, new food iseas, workout tips, etc.

Food and Drink
 10 to 20, 8oz. glasses of water each day (carry a 33 ounce or larger bottle with you as much as possible)
 No beef or pork (Veal maybe ok but I hate it)
 Low carbohydrates/starches- apx. 3 to 4- 70 calorie servings per day (see foods to minimize below)
 Substitute a fruit smoothie or SlimFast® for either lunch or dinner each day (avoid commercial smoothies with yogurt or sherbet-but it is ok to make your SlimFast® into a fruit smoothie by adding strawberries, bananas, OJ, pineapple juice, ice, etc. For best results have your smoothie or SlimFast® for dinner.
 Eat a low fat breakfast-I suggest things like NF yogurt, cantaloupe, grapefruit, half a bagel or English muffin, oatmeal, low fat/low sugar cereal w/ NF milk, etc.
 Overall�eat a common sense low fat diet-if you don�t have common sense in this area, buy a book!
 Take a multi-vitamin daily

Some foods to minimize
 Potatoes
 Rice
 Breads
 Pasta
 Tortillas
 Refried beans
 Salad dressing (NF is ok)
 Mayonnaise (NF is ok)
 Fried foods
 Sweets
 Pizza (my weakness)
 Sauces
 Foods high in salt ( I did eat a lot of pickles and tuna fish-oops)
Note: I suggest you keep caffine and cheese to a minimum, as they can be trigger foods, and cheese is nothing but FAT!

Foods to Maximize
 Chicken (no skin-duh)
 Turkey-Tuna
 Garden burgers
 Fish (minimize shellfish)
 Black beans
 Pinto beans
 Fruit
 NF yogurt
 Vegetables (minimize potatoes and carrots)
 Non- Fat substitutes for as much as possible
 Tomato juice or V8
 Lentil soup

Substitutions I used instead of the real thing
 No sugar/no fat ice cream
 No fat mayonnaise
 No fat salad dressing
 Ground turkey
 Sweet and Low and Equal sweeteners
 Mustard instead of mayonnaise
 Watermelon instead of a high fat desert

Here are some basic menu's for you:
1. Half a cantoloupe, half a bagel w/ no fat butter, V8, and half a nonfat yogurt.
2. Oatmeal w/raisins(half a typical large bowl) Orange juice, decaf. Use sweetner for the oatmeal and decaf.
3. Half a grapefruit, V8, 1 slice of toast w/ no fat butter, and half a cup of no-fat cottage cheese.

1. Tuna sandwich on wheat, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions, no
mayo on bread (in tuna mayo is ok), plus a diet coke.
2. Turkey sandwich on rye, lettuce tomato, onion, pickles, mustard, plus an iced tea w/ sweetener.
3. Chinese food! Chicken w/ mixed vegetables, Won-ton soup (eat everything but the pork strips-the dumplings are fine). No rice no egg roll-sorry!
4. Chicken Ceasar salad, dressing on the side. Use a small amount- as you eat it keep mixing a little more in. One piece of bread or a medium roll is ok too! Plus a decaf w/ sweetener.

Dinner: Smoothies
1. 8 ounces OJ, 5 strawberries, 1 banana, 5 ice cubes
2. 6 ounces pineapple juice, 5 strawberries, 1 banana, 5 ice cubes
3. Slim fast liquid from a can-vanilla, plus whatever you like for fruit
4. half a cup of no fat/no sugar vanilla ice cream, 1 banana, 3 strawberries

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